Trying to Get Pregnant? 10 Things You Should Be Doing NOW!
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 Published On Oct 11, 2019

I asked, you answered and most definitely wanted a video for those of you that are trying to conceive (TTC) - here it is! If you are thinking about having kids anytime soon then make sure you watch this! These tips will help set you up for the best chances of getting pregnant, help you have a healthy pregnancy from the beginning and help you grow the healthiest little baby! If you are pregnant currently, stick around bc these suggestions are things you can keep doing or help you prep for the next pregnancy! Sneak Peak - #1 is tips for optimizing your sex life! Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: all information shared in for educational purposes only and framed through the lens of birth in North America. Please consult with your doctor before attempting any of the suggested things. Anything mentioned in any of my videos are never to replace the advice of your doctor or midwife. Make sure to check with them before you try anything suggested in my videos and if you have any further questions. I do not give out medical advice.

This video contains paid promotion where I got the Modern Fertility box for free and access to Juna for free.

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