Descendants 3: Mal And Uma Are Secretly Related Theory
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 Published On Aug 15, 2019

These Signs In Descendants 3 Prove Mal And Uma Are Related In A Surprising Way!
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Mal and Uma have a lot more in common than we thought. Sure, they're both VKs from the Isle of the Lost, but their relationship is so much deeper than that. Mal and Uma were best friends growing up, but then Mal turned on Uma to make her mother proud. For years, Mal has driven a wedge between Uma and herself, and we believe we know why. Uma and Mal are both competitive leaders who want it their way or no way at all. They often bump heads, yet somehow, they have the potential to become the best of friends.

It was recently confirmed that Hades is indeed Mal's father, and we have reasons to believe that Mal and Uma share that in common. The VKs obviously share a very deep bond, and they're stronger when they're together. Oddly enough, Uma and Mal might be related in more ways than one. Tune into TheThings as we reveal the true relationship between Uma and Mal.

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